Volume 7, 2014

EU-topías. A Journal on Interculturality, Communication, and European Studies

Co-published in four languages by the Departament of Theory of Languages and Communication Studies (Universitat de València. Estudi General, UVEG) & The Global Studies Institute of the Université de Genève. ISSN: 2174-8454 / e-ISSN: 2340-115X. E-mail: info@eu-topias.org / eu-topias@uv.es / eu-topias@unige.ch


EU-topías, a Journal on Interculturality, Communication and European Studies, was founded in 2011 and is published biannually by the Department of Theory of Languages and Communication Studies of the University of Valencia, Spain, and by The Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. The journal’s principal aims are: 1) to study the multiple cultures constituting the global village we live in and its intrinsically intercultural articulation; 2) to analyse the role played by the media as self-appointed “interested mediators” in their attempt to naturalize their vision of reality in the social imaginary, and 3) to open up a debate within the project of a European community conceived of as a cultural common space, rather than merely an economic one. EU-topías seeks to intervene in cultural critique leaving behind the false idea of a unified, totalizing field of knowledge, understood as a sum of compartmentalized disciplines. It focuses instead on partial approaches, historically located both in space and time; it assumes that the plural, fragmented and contradictory configuration of reality compels us to introduce an interdiscursive and interdisciplinary dialogue in the organization of knowledge.


To promote the circulation of theoretical research and individual works on social, cultural and communication issues arising from the complex processes of regional and global transformation.


To contribute to the interdisciplinary debate through the circulation of unpublished materials on a variety of emergent and recurrent topics related to the fields of communication, interculturality and European studies.