Un urbanismo para las personas. La narración como metodología de investigación en la disciplina urbanística

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This article gathers fragments and conclusions of an investigation, whose stories put in value the narrative methodology as a research instrument for the urbanistic discipline. The relevance of this research is given by its source, the project La Ciudad Viva (LCV), started in 2007 in Andalusia with the intention of gathering voices and experiences that invite to rethink the urban discipline in the face of contemporary urban dysfunctions. The activation of the numerous content generated during 8 years of LCV’s journey, makes emerge new visions and proposals that must be explored if we want to change the direction of our cities, dragged by phenomena associated with globalization and capitalism, such as gentrification, trivialization , speculation, pollution or fragmentation among others.


Ciudad Viva, Gender, Public space, Housing, Emerging urban planning


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