Triunfo, fama y talento. Audiencias juveniles y educación musical a través de los mass media

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The digital information society poses new and constant educational challenges. This article sets out some observations that emerged from an ongoing investigation which focuses on young people as adolescents, more specifically on how they view reality through screens, and what new teaching- learning opportunities can audiovisual media offer us for the practice of music education in schools. We introduce a description of the theoretical aspects related to the impact of young people’s cultural and audiovisual consumption habits, and how this influences their own identity and construction of the self, as well as their processes of socialization. In addition, the article makes a subsequent comparative analysis of the projected image of music and performers in selected music television programs, paying special attention to the phenomena of Operación Triunfo and La Voz. Finally, we observe a set of stereotypes and common traits associated with the world of music and its participants.

Key words 

Success, fame, talent, mass media, musical education.

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