The Wizard of Dreams (1966), by Francisco Macián: Originality and contamination of Andersen in Spanish animation.

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The Spanish animated film The Wizard of Dreams (1966), directed by Francisco Macián, is based on the story Ole Lukøie, by Hans Christian Andersen. Throughout seven stories, the film blends other texts of the Danish writer, the tradition of European children’s stories and Macián’s own, as well as the influence of world animated cinema. The result is an original work and, at the same time, a work which reveals Andersen’s imprint. In the article we analyse each of the short stories, little jewels of Spanish animation, which show the puppets of the TV Telerín family, together with the processes of mise en abyme and metanoia present in the film.

Key words

Andersen, animation film, literature-cinema adaptation, Macián, Spanish cinema.

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