The presence of comic in the 45th National Salon of Artists of Colombia

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Incorporating comics into art exhibits is a growing field. In Colombia, at the 45th National Salon of Artists, The reverse of the plot, opened exhibition space to comic in the curatorships Narrative Architectures, Little Flames to the Wind and Counterinformation. In this article we propose an approach to these three exhibitions, by taking into account the conceptualizations of the comic and the exhibition space that each one of them offers: in Narrative Architectures, the parallel between the management of space in the two-dimensions we take into account of the page and the three-dimensions of the exhibition; in Little Flames to the Wind, the inclusion of comics in the field of artistic publications and the alternation between curating texts and exhibition design; and in Counterinformation, the resignification of comics originating from the rise of the social and peasant movements of the seventies and of a comic commissioned for the exhibition.

Key words

Exhibition comic, curatorship, 45th National Salon of Artists, artistic fields, exhibition design.

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