Sobre fetichismo y mistificación como formas de apariencia. Una lectura de la crítica de la economía política de Marx

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This paper presents an interpretation of Marx’ critique of political economy articulated around the concepts of fetichism and mystification understood as forms of appearance. According to the thesis proposed, far from being mere rethorical resources or rests from remains of a bad idealist philosophy, make out a constitutive and fundamental part of the theoretical core of Marx’ mature work. After a discussion of the meaning of both concepts and their forms as forms of appearance, we will try to show the architectonic meaning function that both concepts hold for the internal structure of the critique of political economy. In particular, we shall present the concept of fetichism as crucial for the understanding of Marx’ value theory, and that of mystification as a central one for what can be designed as a surplus value theory, a concept which is also central to the whole conceptual developments in of books I and III of Capital.


Critique of political economy, fetichism, mystification, appearance, value theory, surplus value

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