Shoah and Spielberg. A Narrative Model to Tell the Holocaust, 25 Years Later

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Schindler’s list represents a turning point in the narrative of the Holocaust. The film was well received by critics and the public, something unusual in Steven Spielberg’s career, as he was often considered as an author for children and good enough only as a filmmaker of adventures, yet not so much in Jewish intellectual circles. The negative critique to Spielberg’s cruel but hopeful fable was exercised especially by the director of another reference of the genre, formally situated at the opposite extreme: Claude Lanzmann, the director of the monumental Shoah. Now, a quarter of a century later, we analyze in this article what remains of the discussion and of  Spielberg’s model of narration of what was one of the bleakest episodes of recent history: the nazi attempt of the Jews’ extermination.

Key words

Holocaust, shoah, nazi, Schindler, memory, Spielberg.

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