Sentidos del viaje en el discurso musical del blues. Roosevelt «Grey Ghost» Williams y «Lonesome Traveller»

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From a communicative, socio-semiotic and ethnomusicologic perspective, the aim of this article is to explore the construction of meaning of travel and itinerant lifestyle (hobo) in the musical discourse of blues. First we will provide a historical contextualization of travel in the African-American tradition, and then we will analyze the case of the legendary Texan musician Roosevelt «Grey Ghost» Williams (1903-1996) and his song «Lonesome Traveller», in which the hobo subject and lifestyle are represented. In this process, we will discuss the meaning of travel as an imposition and the meaning of travel as a sign of independence and freedom, finally affirming the complementarity between them.



Musical discourse; blues; travel; hobo; African-American culture; Grey Ghost


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