Schrödinger y el salto espacios-tiempo de Galileo Galilei 

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In 1955 Erwin Schrödinger published in the magazine of a school in Dublin the Fragment of an unpublished dialogue of Galileo. In it he placed the latter at the beginning of the twentieth century and, as opposed to what he himself proposed to demonstrate in his Dialogue on the two highest systems of the world, presents him as interested on what has the smallest dimensions,that is, the atom and the subatomic particles. Opposing certain ideas ofAristotle, the purpose of Galileo was to open the door to heliocentrism and the movements of the earth and of the whole cosmos, following the theory of Copernicus. In his work, the defense of these two issues are discussed, confronting a third peripatetic philosopher, which gives rise to situations full of humor. Schrödinger resorts to the same characters of the Pisan, and in the same style, which coincides with his own, and also uses surprise, so that the reader has to guess what heroes and theories he refers to.


Universe, earth, movement, peripatetic, atom, electric charge

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