Salud e inmigración en el contexto de esta crisis económica y de valores. El ejemplo de España.

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The main factors for human and community health are social, and so must be its solutions. The cases of migrated population are actually an exception to this rule, since at the moment of their arrival and for different reasons (in short, the “healthy migration effect”) they usually show a better health than that of the host population. Anyway, as years pass, this health tends to worsen. The Universal Health Care Systems have proven their ability to reduce sanitary imbalance. Several documents from the European Union have insisted on the importance of guaranteeing adequate health coverage to all the population, including immigrants. Spain used to be a worldwide reference for providing public health care to all immigrants regardless of their administrative situation. With Real Decreto Ley 12/2012, the Spanish Government has excluded about 900.000 people from their right to access a proper health care, thus provoking a serious ethical, human and sanitary problem that has generated rejection and resistance from several professional and social associations and collectives.

Key Words

Migration, Universal Health Care System, Human Rights