Sagrado y obsceno: Between the character of the rebel, social types and local colour

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Through the analysis of the film Sagrado y obsceno (Román Chalbaud, Venezuela, 1975) we seek to characterize the character of the rebel, and of some social types introduced in the story, to ponder about whether the presence of local colour by means of stylistic features from costumbrismo contradicts the realistic approach that seems to justify a main part of the prevailing filmic form of the text. In order to do so, we shall establish relations between the main character’s features and the rebel’s, pointing out how the rest of the dramatis personae may be represented either as actual social types or as recreations of mere stereotypes of the collective imaginary; we shall also point out the way in which the use of costumbrismo and local colour reinforces or weakens the conceptual and narrative proposals of the film.


Film Analysis, costumbrismo, guerrilla, social types, Venezuelan cinema.

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