Robert Capa, las paradojas de un fotógrafo bipolar en la Guerra Civil española

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After more than 70 years, the world still remembers scenes of one of the most notorious conflicts of the 30s, the Spanish Civil War. Thanks to the photographers who were present at the battle now we have a record of what really happened. One of the most famous photographers was Robert Capa –a fictional character invented by a couple, André Friedmann and Gerda Taro– who became an icon in their time. Friedman and Taro covered the conflict together since 1936, but one year later she died crushed by a tank. From then on, Taro’s photographs became diluted among Friedmann’s legacy and they have been silenced. In this article the author discusses and analyzes the main features of each photographer in order to tell apart the pictures that have created confusion about their authorship.

Key Words

Photography, picture, victim, militiaman, staging, report, negative, bombing, photojournalism, correspondent, bipolarity, composition, authorship.