Rafael Martínez Valls: from Els soldats de l’ideal to La cançó d’amor i de guerra

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The main aim of the present work is to examine in depth the work that catapulted the artistic life of the Ontinyent composer Rafael Martínez Valls (1895-1946): the zarzuela Cançó d’amor i de guerra (1926). The aim is not to provide an analytical work on it, but to relate historical, musical and biographical data that help us understand, to a certain extent, how this work achieved fame. To this end, we have examined both the libretto and the scores of this zarzuela and, to a lesser extent, of others –such as Legió d’honor– with similar themes. We have also studied various interviews, reviews and publications in the press of the time, and compiled information on his life and musical career. Finally, we have reflected on how all this influenced the creation of Cançó d’amor i de guerra.


Zarzuela, censorship, liberalism, folkore, Rafael Martínez Valls.

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