Noir / Noire: Reception and Transformation of Crime Film in Argentine Literature and Cinema

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Since the consolidation of the IMR (Institutional Mode of Representation), the link between literature and cinema ceased to be unidirectional, that is, from literature to cinema. The development of crime fiction appears to be a relevant field of analysis, if we simultaneously attend to its evolution in both film and literature. In Argentina, unlike what happened in the United States and France, the development of crime film went parallel to the development of the hard-boiled literary tradition. In the article I show an early development of hard-boiled literature in Argentina, in contrast to the classic history of the genre in the country. This literary field developed, to a large extent, thanks to the reception and transformation of the American crime cinema.

Key words

Gangster films, Roberto Arlt, Jorge Luis Borges, Luis Saslavsky, Argentine crime literature.

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