Mutantes, mutatis mutandis: de metáfora transcultural e intermedial sobre la juventud a objeto para una coeducación audiovisual

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The concept of mutant, as a cross-cultural and intermedial metaphor for youth, is typical of intermedial (comic, film, television) and transcultural fictions (originated in the United States but exported and/or recreated to/all around the world) on mutant young characters, as they were defined in the context of the superheroic narrative genre. In its graphic version (young mutants born with a genetic alteration as a consequence of which they develop superpowers), the concept was popularized by the Marvel American superhero comic during the 60s and, afterwards perpetuated (trans)culturally through different types of narratives until nowadays. They were comics dedicated to young mutants, and gave origin, directly or indirectly, to a number of intermedial stories that are inspired by them. This article covers comic, cinema and television fictional texts about different mutant characters (masculine and feminine), broadly and critically analyzing them as a metaphor about youth.


Comic, cinema, television fiction, mutants, cross-cultural and intermedial metaphor, youth, audiovisual co-education


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