Migrantes y medios en el ciberespacio

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This article studies the relationship between the three vertices of the TIC triangle, identity and migrations through a linear analysis of the referents of the subject matter. A journey centered on the increasingly mobile and dynamic scenario in which the three actors interrelate, from the rigid traditional boundaries to the permeability of transnationalism and cyberspace. The bibliography consulted coincides with the presentation of migrant communities that experience simultaneous and, at times, ambivalent relationships with their territory of origin and reception, that dilute identity constructions associated with the borders of the traditional nation states, giving way to new dynamic and changing meanings and felings of belongings. The result points out the importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as mediators, grouping geographically dispersed migrants in the diaspora, who are now intensely connected, orbiting around the territory of origin. A recreated territory, reconstructed and sometimes idealized in a symbolic way.

Key words 

Migration, TIC, diaspora virtuelle, transnationalisme, cyberespace.

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