Memoria y biopolítica en los procesos históricos: construcción de un discurso sobre la Revolución Sandinista en Alsino y el cóndor (Littin, 1987)

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The article aims to analyze the way in which, from the perspective of memory and biopolitics, Miguel Littin’s film, Alsino and the Condor, shot in 1987, articulates a story about the Sandinista Revolution before its triumph in 1979, by recovering above all the anti-imperialist, anti-colonial and popular character of the process. The film tells the story of a peasant child whose life is marked forever when the US Marines establish a military base in his home town to fight, together with the Nicaraguan National Guard, against the Sandinista guerrillas.


Coloniality/imperiality, Sandinista revolution, anti-imperialism, memory, sandinism

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