Les relations libano-syriennes dans la tourmente du Printemps arabe

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This article is intended to show the evolution of relations between the two neighboring countries since the outbreak of the popular protest against the regime in Syria, in March 2011. Deliberately, our purpose will be to study the impact angle of the Syrian situation in Lebanon, as it is dependent on its neighbor for 80% of its land border and has historically subjected its influence, after a long military occupation of 29 years (1976-2005). We then examine the various segments of the Lebanese society in the light of events in Syria from 2011 until summer 2012. Preference will be given to two perspectives, firstly, to the political elites and polarized forces in the Lebanese scene and to the social ramifications and security endangered by the Lebanese-Syrian tension. Secondly, to the anti-religious social movement that has made a polymorphic mobilization in civil society, revealing both the potential of an ossified regime to respond to these movements and the limits to the possible space to act in this context.

Key Words

Syria, Lebanon, Arabic Spring, Lebanese-Syrian relations, political contestation