Las prioridades de salud del mundo en desarrollo

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A trip to India that included a tour through the slum of Dharavi (Bombay) and a visit to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (Anantapur, Andhara Pradesh); the first class taught in the 12th edition of the Master in International Health at the ENS/ISCIII (which included the presentation by a former student about her experience in a rural region of Uganda); the conference organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NGO Medicus Mundi: such experiences have lead the author to question everything he had learned during a professional life dedicated mainly to international health. The summary is simple: it is very important to less prescriptive and to listen more. Nevertheless, two general principles seem to still be valid: respect the human rights and good governance.

Key Words

Developing world, India, Uganda, Medicus Mundi, International Health.