Las artes euroescépticas: Propuesta para el acervo crítico-estético de la UE

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This article discusses the critical and political potential of the artistic corpus that engages the issue of European integration. Questioning and reassessing the European Union (EU) in creative terms is vital for the future of the transnational organization as it struggles to connect with its people. Many works of art of the last few decades can be seen as indexes that point to the root of popular discontent with the EU and offer unexplored answers to current societal challenges. Recent pieces exude a sense of urgency, manifesting deep concern about the European integration project. One could say that they propose a constructive sort of Euroscepticism. In parallel to the existing EU acquis, this article suggests the systematic consideration of the Union’s critical and aesthetic acquis, which should prove to be a useful tool for the improvement of the European project and for fostering the citizenry’s awareness of it through a new legitimizing narrative.


European Union, art, literature, Euroscepticism, critique, crisis, EU acquis


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