La Zone euro, noyau fédérateur de l’Europe

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In the EU, there is a clear lack of political Union. Only a political Union would be able to promote a global vision inside the EU, which is too focused on a sectoral, economic and financial approach. The current functioning of the Eurozone, which should represent the very core of the Union, remains paradoxically intergovernmental. It is thus important to align the Eurozone with the standard practice of the Lisbon Treaty: the community method. The institutions of the Eurozone should be inspired more by the institutions of the EU, with the Commission and the Parliament playing their part. This can be done through the procedure of «enhanced cooperation», in the perspective of a federal Union. The present article contains a number of proposals to transform the Eurozone into a federal core of Europe.


EU, Eurozone, political union, community method, enhanced cooperation, federal union

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