La zone euro en voie d’intégration. Vers une union politique, économique et monétaire… bien sûr avec la Grèce !

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The existence of the euro since the 1st January 1999 is a great achievement by itself. Founding Member States had established the euro after 30 years of continuous efforts, but their achievement was not yet complete. The euro was «a currency without a State». However, equipped now with experience earned both in good and bad times, the European joint currency is trying to gain its own «State», i.e. a euro area transformed into a complete political, economic and monetary union! We are confident that this will happen by 2025 despite all reactions and difficulties, along the lines proposed in the report presented by the five EU Presidents in June 2015. We are also confident that Greece will overcome all the current difficulties and problems and that it will always be a member of such a completed euro area. We suggest that on top of the third Greek EU adjustment plan, Greece prepares and implements, supported by the EU, a Greek strategy and action plan for reconstructing its productive sector and achieving sustainable growth.


Greece, Political Union, EMU, Banking Union, Budgetary Union

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