La representación audiovisual de la inutilidad de la clase trabajadora en el capitalismo post-industrial: un análisis discursivo de la segunda temporada de The Wire

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It’s been said about The Wire (HBO, 2002-2008) that it is able to show and represent the consequences of untamed capitalism, both in the failure of institutions and the effects that social and economic transformations have on individuals. The base of this paper is the consideration of capitalism not just as an economic system but also as the main discourse of contemporary society, that is, the producer and reproducer of the notions, ideas and narra­tives that construct the way subjects define themselves as such and also the way they interact and relate to their contexts. From here, this project analy­ses the representation in The Wire of the Baltimore port stevedores, shown in the series as a collective of workers that are not necessary for the current post-industrial and financial economic system. The methodology for all this will be a textual analysis of a set of scenes and sequences so as to examine how the audiovisual configuration of the series works to present the artifici­ality and constructiveness of capitalism as the hegemonic discourse.


The Wire, Post-industrial Capitalism, Audiovisual Device, Working Class


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