Music, or the generation of 1927

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The simplistic identification of the «Generación del 27» as just a group of poets clashes with the complex and rich intellectual activity in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century. This article, by analizing the different kinds of reception of the musical works by some of the composers of the time, approaches the interests behind certain standard ideas about the «generación» and seeks to provide insights about how modernist thinking was obscured; how the apparent progressive ideas of some of the poets have been used to impose a reactionary and self-justifying historiography in order to legitimate a Spanish fate which was, in reality, imposed by means of systematic control and repression. It may be necessary to cast a new look at the Spanish reformist vocation, which is kept hidden behind cultural myths that, in the end, perpetuate a cliche.

Palabras clave 

Spanish Generation of 1927, Modernism, Spanish composers of the generation of 1927, historiography, reformism, Max Aub, Roberto Gerhard, García Lorca, Joaquín Rodrigo, Isaac Albéniz, Falla.

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