La escritura de frontera y la traducción en la poesía de Juan Larrea. «Descubrimiento de mi cabeza»

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This article is an approach to the language used by the Spanish poet Juan Larrea (1895-1980) whose poetic work –contained in the volume Versión Celeste– was written mostly in French although published and made known by means of translation (Gerardo Diego, Vittorio Bodini, Luis Felipe Vivanco, Carlos Barral). We present here the historic framework of the artistic avant-garde in Spain within the international context, paying special attention to the role of the Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro, and we explain the connection between the linguistic issue in Juan Larrea’s poetry and his integration in and accomplishment of modern aesthetic concepts.

Key Words

Juan Larrea, translation, 20th century poetry, avant-gardes, modernity.