JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE): une mission de l’ESA pour explorer l’émergence des mondes habitables autour des planètes géantes gazeuses.

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JUICE is the first large space mission selected by the European Space Agency in the framework of the Cosmic Vision programme. The mission will be launched in 2022, and will study the entire Jovian system from 2030 to 2033, with a special emphasis on the giant icy moon Ganymede.  In this chapter, the science objectives of JUICE are presented. A brief presentation of the mission profile is proposed, as well as a description of the payload complement that has been selected to achieve the JUICE objectives. In particular, JUICE will address the question of the emergence of habitable worlds in the outer solar system. That is why two dedicated chapters are provided to first explain why it is believed that the icy moons of the Jovian system may be habitable, and second to describe in greater details what JUICE will be capable to achieve at Europa and Ganymede.

Key Words

Jupiter’s system, space exploration, habitability of Galilean moons, JUICE-ESA mission.