Publication Guidelines

General Guidelines

Articles may be submitted in English, Spanish, French or Italian.

Articles should have a maximum length of 9,000 words, including references.

The title of the article should be in Times New Roman, 12 and bold. The line below should contain the following information about the author: full name, affiliation and email.

The font throughout should be Times New Roman size 12, with a line spacing of 1.5.Quotationss should be included at the bottom of the page in the following format: Times New Roman 9, single-spaced. Quotations inserted in the text will have the following format: Times New Roman 10, indented 2 cm., single space.

When highlighting a word, use italics, not bold. Only highlight when strictly necessary. Only use bold for the title text and title of each section.

All text (including footnotes and title) will be justified. Insert a line between paragraphs.


References within the text will follow the following format:

Within parenthesis include the following information: author’s surname, comma, year of publication, colon, space, page number.If the reference refers to a book, page numbers may be omitted.


As mentioned (Minkenberg, 2011: 79) …

according to Minkenberg (2011: 79).

«no real convergence exists» (Minkenberg, 2011: 79).

When the quotation text has a length greater than three pages lines, it should be formatted as follows: Times New Roman 10, indented 2 cm. and single spaced. At the end of the text, a list of reference sources used should be included.

The reference format is as follows:


Surname, author’s name (year of publication). Title of the book (in italics), place of publication: publisher.


Eco, Umberto (1975). Trattato di semiotica generale, Milano: Bompiani.

In the event that it is a book containing a collection of authors, you should include «ed.» or «coord.» between the name of the author(s) and the year. In addition, include the last name and name of all editors or coordinators.


Frith, Simon & Goodwin, Andrew (ed.) (1990). On Record. Rock, Pop and the Written Word, London: Routledge.

Book chapters:

Surname, author’s name (year of publication). Title of the chapter, Name and Surname of the author(s) complete title of book (in italics), place of publication, publisher, «pp.» followed by first and last pages of the chapter with a hyphen between them.


De Lauretis, Teresa (1995). «El sujeto de la fantasía», Giulia Colaizzi (ed.), Feminismo y teoría fílmica, Valencia, Episteme, pp. 37-74.

Trías, Eugenio (2010). «La revolución musical de Occidente», La imaginación sonora, Barcelona, Galaxia Gutenberg, pp. 33-58.

Journal articles:

They should indicate the following:

Surname, Name (year of publication). Article Title, Journal title (in italics), volume number, pages.


Parrondo, Eva (2009). «Lo personal es político», Trama y Fondo, 27, pp. 105-110.


When citing a movie, be referenced as follows: Title (in italics), parentheses, Original title (in italics), director, year, close the parentheses.


«As seen in The Spirit of the Beehive (El espíritu de la colmena, Víctor, Erice, 1973) …»

TV series will be cited in a similar way, replacing the director by the creator and year of implementation by the period of years covered by the seasons of the series.


«The character of McNulty in The Wire (David Simon, 2002-2008)…»