Grecia, Europa. El plano-secuencia y la identidad en el cine de Theo Angelopoulos.

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The latest fiction and non-fiction cinema has underlined the Greek crisis. Greece, formerly the cradle of European civilization, finds nowadays in cinema the portrait of a society in the midst of an economic downturn, having lost its identity. Nevertheless, this text looks to analyze beyond the socio-historical context in order to point to the structural aspects as a way to understand the eternal return to the trauma and the disaster. The tool used for that purpose is the shot-sequence in Theo Angelopoulos’ cinema. In the films of the Greek director, the shot-sequence works as narrative unity reelaborating time and space, and establishes a dialectic relationship with History and Greek identity. This dialogue works, at the same time, as previous step to the current thinking about Greece within a Europe gripped by the crisis.


Greece, Europe, shot sequence, crisis, History, identity, Theo Angelopoulos

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