Grèce-Allemagne : vers le retour des stéréotypes nationaux ? Les identités et les valeurs européennes en question

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Several signs confirm that, over the last period, relations between Greeks and Germans have been rather difficult. The economic crisis contributed to the come-back of negative stereotypes. Beyond these contingent elements, the hottest issue proves to be the relative fragility of the process of building a common identity at the level of Europe. This situation weighs on the European integration. In fact, the attachment to the nation is stronger than the attachment to the European Union. Moreover, the uncertainties regarding the progress made by the European integration are corroborated by the study of the question of «social values». It becomes urgent to have a solidary Europe, capable of going beyond the willingness of all (sum of the specific interests of the Member States) to generate a «general will», in the Rousseau sense of the term.


Stereotypes, Greece, Germany, European identity, national identity, social values, social capital.

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