Freud y la hermenéutica: la vigencia del psicoanálisis en el pensamiento filosófico del siglo XX

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The purpose of the article is to establish some connection points between psychoanalysis and philosophy by taking into account the growing importance in both areas of a synchronic understanding of social phenomena, which places psychoanalysis in the proximity of phenomenology, ontology and, especially, of hermeneutics. In this sense, Freud’s position is understood as and within a problematic scientific ideal related to an understanding of the already-topical “linguistic turn”, from which it is possible to reformulate the issue in the terms of a question about the who of that saying psychoanalysis consists of as talking cure; that is to say, about the problematization of a “subject” that emerges in a conflict its irresolvable linguistic condition.


Freud, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Twentieth century, Linguistic turn


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