Formas de biopoder y biopolítica de la memoria como potencia de resistencia

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The article addresses the questions of power over life (biopower) and resistance that emerge from/in life (biopolitics). It provides an exploration of the forms of administration of the living on the part of central powers together with an explanation of the traits of the totalitarian becoming of biopower, and of the emergence of the bio-economic problem as a specific field pretending the ecosystem of life (zoé) to work within the limits of the linear and closed systems of market and capital. On the other hand, following Spinoza, and his lesson about the turning of potency into power, indications are provided about how resistance can open up the possibility for a politics of life as immanent force, one allowing the foundation of processes of emancipation. Minority memories and memories of resistance would work in such direction, encouraging autonomous circuits for the production of social subjectivity.


Power, power as a relation of forces, bios/zoé, biopower, biopolitics, resistance, minority memories

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