Existe-t-il une poétique de la culture européenne ?

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If there is one inherent characteristic to novel during the period of time elapsed between the two World Wars it would be its tendency to de- construct both men’s representations and his surroundings in order to postpone Western decline and save creation. This existential and spiri- tual crisis, inherent to a pursuit of “sense,” leads to a deep change in the literary views Europe has on the world and on itself. Starting from the postulate that a “European literary model” is recognized through a group of signs typical of a civilization crash, the author analyzes a generation of writers disillusioned about their time who are sketching a critical production from where emerge some of the most important texts in the European literature. This article proposes an evaluation of the fundamental questions that are defining poetics of the European culture during the period elapsed between the two world wars through four point argument.

Key Words

European culture, poetics, european awareness, crisis, modernism, 20th century.