On the concept of «national cinema». The case of «the new wave of Romanian cinema»

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The article focuses on the study of a cinematographic phenomenon that has gradually acquired its own identity in the circuit of European film festivals, especially the Cannes Festival, as well as in the specialised press, and has come to be known as «Romanian new wave cinema». Our starting point is to consider concepts such as «national cinema» and «new wave» as in need to be accounted for in the framework of a globalised world and of 21th century Europe, while taking into account the role played by film festivals and different European funding mechanisms in configuring the trends which have recently come to the fore. We also deem necessary to analyse the supposed cohesion of the common brand of Romanian film production by applying the methodological scalpel of textual analysis.

Palabras clave 

Romanian cinema, new wave, national cinema, textual analysis, film festivals.

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