El saber y el mar. Xavier Zubiri y Erwin Schrödinger

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Xabier Zubiri studies Philosophy, Math and Physics in Berlin as Erwin Schrödinger’s student. They both live in the same professors housing facility at the «Kaiser Wilhelm» Scientific Society, where meetings with other relevant personalities (such as Einstein and Planck) are held. Zubiri and Schrödinger have a lot in common and often go for long walks. They hold profound conversations about space, time, matter, form, knowledge and the relationship between man and the world, topics that need to be rethought due to recent scientific developments and discoveries. Thus they develop a fruitful friendship. One of the consequences of said friendship will be the presence of Schrödinger in the courses held at La Magdalena (Santander), his learning of Spanish and his communication and collaboration with Spanish scientists such as Blas Cabrera and Enrique Moles. All this is reflected in a fascinating exchange of letters that show the depth, acumen and honesty of these two humanist intellectuals.


Thought, knowledge, quantum physics, truth, uncertainty, Spain

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