El dibujado: back to the wall

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The exhibition El dibujado by Paco Roca (IVAM, 2019) is an exploration of the paradigm shift brought forth by the abandonment of paper and reproducibility as a space for the dissemination of the comic strip. The exhibition hall of a museum (the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno) becomes a space for formal and ephemeral experimentation at different levels, from the purely creative to the pondering about the unexplored possibilities of the language of the comic book. With this exhibition cartoonist Paco Roca poses a challenge to a spectator who is called to leave his/her role as a visitor and become the reader of an experience in which s/he becomes a part of the work’s own narrative. The aim of this text is to analyze the characteristics of the exhibition and the mechanisms of the exhibition’s design and creation shaping the project, from both the creative and curatorial perspective; it also proposes an analysis  of the project’s imbrication within the exhibition offer by a museum such as the IVAM and within the framework of the medium’s own evolution as language.

Key words

Comic, museology, exhibition design, new expressions of the comic.

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