Comics in art museums. Museological and museographic challenges

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When a cultural artifact enters the art museum for the first time, there is a risk that it will be treated with the established formulas applied to works that have a long-standing exhibition life behind them. An example of this is the poster, exhibited in a frame as if it were an easel painting. In order to avoid, as far as possible, this also happening to comics, it is urgent to reflect on two museological and museographic challenges: what to exhibit? and how to exhibit it? What to exhibit, the process or the result, the original or the final object, the drawing board or the sequence? How to exhibit in the space of a museum a sequential story developed (mostly) to be shown on paper as medium and conceived for individual reading? The article attempts to answer both series of questions, pointing to examples and proposing critical reflections.

Key words

Comic, museology, exhibition design, new expressions of the comic.

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