Cuerpo, identidad y violencia (en un cierto cine contemporáneo).

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Few things can be as certain as our own corporeality. The body is support of and limit to our identity, it is what determines where I end and the other begins. And it is precisely in the cinema, because of its technological nature, where the issues of body and identity are closely related. There is a type of contemporary cinema inhabited by liminal and ambivalent, lonely and uprooted characters who maintain a complex relationship with violence. On the one hand, they expressed themselves through it; on the other, violence expresses itself in them through scars, tattoos and other bodily bricolage, making the human body unique. Since the body is the only tangible thing in a situation in which everything seems to fade, flesh stands out as the only surface on which to draw firmly an identity always prone to vanishing. Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg, 2007) is one of such films.


Body, identity, violence, cinema, David Cronenberg

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