Crisis e (in)dignidad en la novela actual (de lengua castellana). Hispanismo y literaturas hispánicas frente a nuevos desafíos

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While the collective memory of the Civil War used to be the central subject of Hispanic literature of the last decades, recent literary production –Rafael Chirbes, (Crematorio, En la orilla), Isaac Rosa, (La habitación oscura) and others, such as the Mexicany Jorge Volpi (Memorial del engaño)– indicates a significant change: it dedicates itself to the global phenomenon of the Great Crisis which, since 2008, has determined social life. These novels as well as new forms and social interactions of the protests of the 15-M Mouvement at Puerta del Sol, challenge modern international Hispanic Studies.

Key Words

Spanish current novel, novel of the crisis, 15M Mouvement, Rafael Chirbes, Isaac Rosa, Jorge Volpi