Construyendo la pax americana. Lecciones de D.W. Griffith para el presente

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Since the beginning of his career, the filmmaker D. W. Griffith has chosen a film that helped laying the ideological and narrative bases of Hollywood. Already, in his time at the «Biograph», his films set stereotypes that still apply today. Achieving Intolerance leads to a process that has had many offshoots over the decades, from Ernst Lubitsch ridiculing the power structures until the denunciation of exploitation and armed conflict by Charles Chaplin or Herbert J. Biberman or yet the tribute of the brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani. One hundred years after its creation, Intolerance still speaks to us, setting the tone of mainstream cinema, with a scheme that remains: big-budget productions, maintaining the principle of causality and narrative messages of confidence in our ability to become better.


Intolerance, D. W. Griffith, The Voice of the Violin, Ernst Lubitsch, The Loves of Pharaoh (Das Weib des Pharao), Charles Chaplin, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

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