Comparative analysis of farmer’s perceptions and adaptation to climate change on site-specific areas of Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam

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During the 21st century extreme weather events are expected to increase in frequency and intensity, while having an impact in world’s agricultural production. Farmers in rural and remote areas are among the most vulnerable socioeconomic groups as they are highly dependent on weather condition. South and Southeast Asia are considered regions of high vulnerability; in such areas, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam deserve special mentioning. This study examines farmer’s perceptions and adaptation to climate change in these countries’ site-specific areas, as well as the bonds between agents especially interested in generating agronomic techniques and transferring them to the most vulnerable. Moreover, the main outcome of this work confirms that both climate change and adaptation are perceived differently depending on the country, and within each one. In effect, the combination of empirical information and recorded meteorological data is a key element in the decision-making process.


Climate change, world’s agricultural production, Nepal, Birmania, Thailandia, Vietnam.


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