Comics, intertextuality and intermediality for a coeduational critique: Analysis of the (anti)superheroic femininity of Jean Grey/Phoenix

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The mythology of the American superhero comic book figure, characterized by a global and cross-cultural circulation, expanded its original space of comic vignettes with the arrival of its plots and characters in the universe of audiovisual media, an intermedial expansion that has continued and increased significantly in the 21st century. In addition to appreciating the opening of the comic to the expressive space of other media, we will stress the necessity of such opening for the academic and educational reflective spaces, by analysing, critically and intertextually,  the (anti)superheroic femininity of one of Marvel’s character with coeducational purposes: Jean Grey, a character from the long-lived X-Men comic book (Stan Lee y Jack Kirby, 1963), recently brought to the screen  in in Dark Phoenix (Simon Kinberg, 2019).

Key words

Comic, cinema, Jean Grey/Phoenix, (anti)superheroic femininity, audiovisual coeducation.

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