Call for Papers

Comics as Open Space: The Expressive Possibilities of Comics and its different Formats.

Special Volume Coedited by Enrique Bordes and Ana Merino.

The volume will focus on the evolution of the formats of comics as an aesthetic and narrative space. It will include articles about the analysis of different formats and modes of experimentation, about editorial forms and  about the transformation of comics as object or about the multiple surfaces that a frame or a strip can cover, from a piece of paper to a wall. We will also address the possibilities that comics has to enter the museum: as object of an exhibition or as part of the very language at the basis of of museographic discourses; the relationship between architecture and comics, which is both scenery and structure, or the multiple paratexts  that can arise from such frictions.

Submissions: abstract of 150 words, with a brief bibliography, five keywords and a brief curriculum review.

Dates: from July 27 to October 30. Once the proposal is accepted, the authors will be notified and the full text of the article will have to be sent until January 30, 2021.