Belarus, Eurovision and the International Debate on Democracy: the Media Impact of the BTRC Entries in the Song Contest

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Faced with mass protests due to Aleksandr Lukashenko’s electoral fraud, the debate surrounding Belarusian democracy is garnering worldwide interest. The European Union has sanctioned such results, the Belarusian government has prompted to revoke foreign press accreditations, and broad media coverage has been attributed to demonstrations. Consequently, celebrities in the field of culture, such as former Belarusian Eurovision representatives, have depicted themselves as a token of revolution. Similarly, Belarusian participation in the competition has never gone unnoticed for the politicization involving its entries, which spans from its conflicting national selections to choose a representative, thereby steering the country into being expelled from the European Broadcasting Union. In fact, the country has been expelled in 2021 from the contest by the European Broadcasting Union. This article establishes a contrast that encompasses a twofold reality, the political and the cultural one, in a competition that combines the two by means of the identity construction of the concept of a nation within the framework of entertainment culture.


Eurovision Song Contest, Belarus, democracy, representation, cultural identity.

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