Sergio Sevilla

The devaluation of the political

Abstract  The article reviews Habermas’ analysis of the relationship between economics and politics in Europe between 1945 and 1989, and the breakdown of such construction that forces us to conceive of a new categorical map for the political, with two important effects: the loss of confidence both in an alternative... Read More

Europa en su afuera

Abstract Readings of the current crisis in Europe that do not take into account the seriousness of such crisis limit their critical scope, or result being thoroughly inadequate, if they do not ponder on notions such as “sovereignty”, “citizenship”, “democracy”, or on the (already limited) understanding of politics as the... Read More

Las raíces de una Europa en crisis

Abstract This paper analyzes the roots of the idea of Europe in philosophy as a theory of theoretical and practical rationality. To this end, it compares the proposal Edmund Husserl made after the First World War in several writings –ranging from 1922 to 1936– to refound Europe into a culture... Read More