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Sergio Sevilla is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the Universitat de València. Estudi General. A specialist in the field of Kantianism and Critical Theory, his main research interests are currently centred on French thought since the second half of the twentieth century. His numerous publications include Análisis de los imperativos morales en Kant (1979), Crítica, historia y política (1979), as well as his annotated editions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau –Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts. Discourse on the origin and foundations of inequality among men. Emilie ou l’éducation. The Social Contract (2011)–, his participation in the collective volume El legado filosófico y científico del siglo XX (2005) and his editions on the Philosophy of the Spanish exile –Visiones sobre un trasterrado. Afán de saber acerca de José Gaos (2008) and Filosofía y vida (2013).