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Santiago Auserón received his PhD from the UCM (Madrid). He also studied at the University of Vincennes (Paris, France) with Gilles Deleuze. Awarded «Premio Nacional de Músicas Actuales» in 2011 by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, he is one of the co-founders of the Spanish band Radio Futura, and of the musical project Juan Perro. As a lead singer and songwriter, totalizing a dozen albums he has gained wide recognition both in Spain and South America for more than three decades. He has also researched the roots of son cubano, and has produced several anthologies, such as Francisco Repilado «Compay Segundo’s». He has authored several books, such as La imagen sonora (Valencia, Episteme, 1998), Canciones de Radio Futura (Valencia, Pre-Textos, 1999), Canciones de Juan Perro (Madrid, Salto de página, 2012) and El ritmo perdido (Barcelona, Península, 2012). Contact: