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José Luis Panea (Badajoz, 1990) holds a PhD in Humanities, Arts and Education (UCLM, 2019) funded by a predoctoral contract at his home institution that allowed him to carry out stays at the University of Roehampton, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, as well as to obtain the international mention in said doctorate program. Member of the MINECO and MICIU R&D projects ARES (2013-2017) and EShID (2019-2021), he is currently a grant holder of the “Margarita Salas Grants Training Program of Young Doctors” (2022-2024), through which he is part of the GIR Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts (GEsTA), of the University of Salamanca. Under this contract, he is developing the project “Aesthetics, spectacle and postmodernity: the social construction of European identity in the Eurovision Song Contest”. He is a Contractual Lecturer Accredited by the ANECA, he taught the subject “Aesthetics of Modernity” (Faculty of Fine Arts, UCLM, 2018-2021) and was the recipient of the award Your Thesis in 3 Minutes 2019. His lines of research cover aesthetics of everyday life and the relationships between the society of the spectacle, gender and nationality.