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Jose Antonio Palao Errando is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences at the University Jaume I (Castellón, Spain) where he teaches in the grades of Advertising and Journalism and in the M.A. in New Trends and Innovation Processes in Communication. He is the autor of various books, including La profecía de la Imagen-Mundo: para una genealogía del Paradigma Informativo (Valencia, IVAC, 2004) and Cuando la televisión lo podía todo: Quien Sabe Donde en la cumbre del Modelo Difusión (Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva, 2009) and numerous articles on films, television and images published in various journals. He is a Member of the Spanish Association of Film Historians; and of the Spanish Association of Communication Research; as well as a Member of the Spanish Association of Political Science and Public Administration (AECPA). Contact: