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Jean-Pierre Dubost, a Germanist, is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at Blaise Pascal University (Clermont- Ferrand, France). He has taught as a Romanist until 2001 at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). His research interests include libertine literature, the relationship between philosophy and literature, between text and image, literary theory, poetic writing, the topical novel (he is president of the Narrative Topics Analysis Society), the East / West relationship . He created the research project of Les Orients desésorientés which he co-directs with Axel Gasquet (Les Orients desésorientés, Kime, Paris, 2013; and Orientalismes européens et échanges culturels et littéraires avec l’Amérique latine et l’Orient: divergences et affinités / European Orientalisms And cultural and literary exchanges between Latin America and the East: divergences and affinities, El Irfan No. 1, Hiel, Rabat, 2015). He has created the site https://lesordesor., and is member of the editorial board of the online magazine TOPIQUES. Etudes satoriennes. email: website: