Javier Maqua is a film director, scriptwriter, actor, playwright and novelist. Among other recognitions, he has obtained the Café Gijón Award, for the novel (1992), the Ondas de televisión (1982) and the Nacional de Radiodifusión (1977). He studied Engineering that he left to graduate in Biology. As a playwright he is the author of La soledad del guardaespaldas (1987) or Coches abandonados (1992), finalist work of the National Prize for Dramatic Literature in 1993. In this field also highlights his study El docudrama. Fronteras de la ficción (1992). From his work as a novelist may be cited Invierno sin pretexto, and Fusilamiento, instrucciones de uso (2005). As filmmaker highlights Chevrolet (1997) adaptation of his own play Coches abandonados), whose protagonist, Isabel Ordaz, received in Moscow the Award for best actress and in Spain, a Goya. email: